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HK$2,723 抵玩入手!Google Pixel 4a 免運費直送香港

google pixel 4a just black

Google 於月初發佈的最新中階手機 Pixel 4a,近日終於正式開賣了!可惜的是 Google 仍然沒有計劃在香港推出行貨的 Pixel 手機,所以在香港亦只能購買水貨的 Pixel 4a。

Pixel 4a 採用 5.81 吋 1080p OLED 螢幕、配備 Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G 處理器、6GB RAM 及 128GB 儲存空間,電池容量為 3,140mAh,支援 NFC 及 18W 快速充電,但並不支援 Qi 無線充電,出廠時預載 Android 10 系統。前置相機為 800 萬像素 f/2.0 光圈鏡頭,主相機為單一鏡頭設計,採用 Dual-Pixel 技術的 1,220 萬像素 f/1.7 光圈鏡頭。

早前 Amazon 曾經開放過 Pixel 4a 的預訂,但短短一日內已經被搶購一空。現在 Amazon 已經將 Pixel 4a 重新上架,暫時只有黑色可以選擇,售價 349.99 美金,約為 HK$2,723,重點是可以免運費直送香港,預計兩至四星期內開始出貨。

更新:Amazon 的 Pixels 4a 已不提供免運費直送香港,選擇送貨到香港會顯示沒有存貨,但只要將送貨地點設定為美國,就能正常顯示存貨及下單,不過就必須透過第三方轉運,例如 Buyandship 等轉運公司將貨品轉運到香港。

Google Pixel 4a - New Unlocked Android Smartphone - 128 GB of Storage - Up to 24 Hour Battery - Just Black
  • New, unlocked Android phone gives you the flexibility to change carriers and choose your own data plan; works with Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and other major carriers
  • Capture great photos using your cell phone on the 12 MP dual pixel rear camera with features like Live HDR+, Night Sight, and Portrait Mode; share photos directly from the viewfinder of your Pixel camera to Google and popular third party apps
  • The Adaptive Battery lasts up to 24 hours [1] as it learns your favorite apps and reduces power to the ones you rarely use
  • HDR+ makes your photos look better by automatically adjusting for color and lighting; Night Sight lets you capture rich detail and color even in the dark; Portrait Mode helps you take beautiful portraits with a DSLR quality look
  • Get things done with just your voice: Send texts, get directions and reminders, and multitask on the go on your mobile phone with help from Google

雖然於 Amazon 購買 Pixel 4a 同樣是水貨,但是比起在香港的水貨店鋪購買,價格就更加吸引,畢竟 Amazon 是免運費,亦無需付店鋪賺的差價。

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Written by William Chan

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